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About Play Time: Toy Horror Store

Play Time: Toy Horror Store is a free online game that offers a variety of exciting and entertaining experiences, and a lot of people find it to be a lot of fun.
The goal of this game is to stay alive for as long as possible while minimizing risk to yourself. You are surrounded by hostile Huggy Wuggies who are plotting an assault on you. They have encircled you. They are able to materialize out of thin air and are capable of provoking considerable jumpiness due to their unsettling appearance. You have to launch an attack against them before they can launch an attack against you, which would result in you failing the level. There will be a total of thirty levels for you to work through, and each one will be subdivided into three groups according to the degree of a challenge it offers. Throughout these stages, you will be entrusted with performing a range of goals, such as fending off demons for at least a certain length of time or locating specific individuals. You may also be tasked with finding specific items.
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