Money Movers 2

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About Money Movers 2

A lot of people like playing Money Movers 2, which is available for free online.
The objective of this game is to go through all of the levels by overcoming challenges such as riddles, hitting buttons, pulling levers, and avoiding guards. Participate in the second adventure with the brothers and try to break into the prison. In Money Movers 2, the sequel to the previous game, in order for the criminal brothers to complete the first task, which is to escape from jail, they must first break into the facility where their father is being held. You need to go back to the prison and equip it with a variety of security systems, such as cameras, laser detectors, and harsh guards. Can you navigate your way through the confusing jail to find your way to the father of the two brothers who committed the crime, or will your plan fall through and the two brothers have to go back to their cell? Offline gameplay that lets you control both characters and solve riddles.
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